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What is a Personal VPN hotspot shield?

In order to protect confidential data, large businesses outfit their employees with corporate-backed VPNs. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and a very safe server, using strong encryption, to protect you and your information. Think of the local network (or even the internet) as a large pipe full of everyone's shared data. Then, imagine the VPN as being a steel pipe, within that pipe, that contains only your data and keeps all other, prying eyes out.

Who needs it? Everyone. Especially so when using wireless hotspots, shared networks or in places where internet access is heavily censored. A very beneficial side benefit of the personal VPN is that it unblocks sites in places where the internet is censored. While on the VPN, you have secure access to everything.

Large companies have IT departments that can easily create these services for their employees. A personal VPN hotspot shield is a service created for the average person.  While designed for one person--it can still have all the strengths and features of the ones that corporations and governments use.

Are all personal hotspot shields created the same?

There are several personal hotspot shields available to the public today--ranging from free to very expensive. As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.  Therefore, we advise against free VPNs and proxies. By accepting their terms for use, you are usually agreeing to let them look at your data for marketing purposes. In essence, you are giving them an exclusive license to look at your personal data--not exactly the definition of security!

Some proxy services are built on unsecure servers located in all sorts of locations. The thing that makes a personal VPN secure is knowing that the server you are connecting to is a secure server. If it's not, there's no point to it. Anybody with the know-how can take a desktop computer at home and set up a VPN and provide service. But then, you'd simply have a secure connection -- to a very unsecure server.

Why do I need this?

The risk of hackers being able to access your data has become a major epidemic. The number of governments in the world actively censoring internet access grows every year. Additionally, the information on how to hack data is freely available on the internet and takes very little time to master. Some governments run their own large-scale hacking operations and try to access and infect as many computers as possible. The personal VPN hotspot shield solves these, as well as other, security issues. It also unblocks sites in places where internet access is restricted and allows the use of IP phones where they are blocked. More info....

Where do I get one?

You can order the Personal VPN from one of the links below. For information on additional products such as VPN appliances, virtual machine VPNs and more, see the Personal VPN web site.

Personal VPN Weekly - $4.99
Personal VPN Monthly - $14.99
Personal VPN 6 Months - $69.99
Personal VPN Yearly - $119.99

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